Lighting & Sprinkler Systems

Low Voltage Lighting

Why should the beauty of your landscape be seen only during the daytime? Lighting adds both style and class to any yard. Whether it’s lighting a pathway, illuminating a tree or shrub, or simply lighting up the exterior of your home, a lighting system is a great way to show off your yard at night. We proudly use Kichler brand products with a 15 year warranty.

Sprinkler Systems

Shipp Brothers is proud to be a Rain Bird Select Contractor. As a Rain Bird Select Contractor we use only the highest quality sprinkler heads and valves available on the market. These products are only available to professionals, and cannot be found in stores. They also carry the best warranties on the market, which gives our customers a long term, cost effective sprinkler system.

Trenchless Method

We use a method known as “vibratory plowing” to install our PVC pipe. A machine simply slices into the ground with a blade, pulling the pipe behind the deepest part of the blade. This allows us to install the system quickly and easily with very little mess. It also allows us to install systems in existing yards, leaving very little indication that there was even work done. Overall, our method of design and installation results in a very efficient sprinkler system that is virtually hassle-free.


Seasonal Management of Your Sprinkler System

Your sprinkler system will need to be winterized to avoid freeze damage. In our Pacific Northwest climate this will usually be necessary around November. Observe the simple procedure which follows to ensure that your sprinkler system suffers no damage.

  1. Close the main shut-off valve (brass valve with X handle on top)
  2. Open test cocks 1, 2, 3, and 4 (smaller valves that point upward)
  3. Turn shut-off valve handles to 45 degree angle (2 valves with blue handles)
  4. Open all drains in electric valve boxes (small brass valve with X handle)

As spring approaches, it will be time to prepare your sprinkler system for operation. Since the risk of a hard freeze is virtually nil by April, this is a good time to re-pressurize the system. Follow the steps which follow to get your system ready for watering.

  1. Close all drains in electric valve boxes
  2. Turn shut-off handles on
  3. Close test cocks 1, 2, 3, and 4
  4. Open main shut-off valve slowly to re-pressurize the system



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